March 2021

The year 2021 already starts with exciting news: in a project with the UNESCO Biosphere Engiadina Val Müstair we will implement N-Trail as a measure for sustainable education. Details are only provided for the German version of this site. Additionally, we are in contact with other partners who also have interest in N-Trail. We will update the project page according to project development. 

February 2021

…started with a public lecture by Eike von Lindern about environmental psychology and sustainability, hosted by the Kantonaler Berufsverband der Zürcher Psychologinnen und Psychologen. Besides many other things, we could start with our workshop program, still everything has to be delivered online.

Dialog N  –  Riedtlistrasse 9  –  8006 Zürich  –  info@dialog-n.ch


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