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Notes on privacy, respectively the implementation of cookies

Dialog N hereby informs any visitor of its URL on the ways, the extent, and the reasons of personal data we collect, use, and process with a particular attention to the protection of privacy data and the implementation of cookies on our URL.

Protection of Privacy Data

At Dialog N, the protection of privacy data and a conscientious way of dealing with data of all kind have a significant relevance. It is generally possible to access our website without giving away any personal data. In case of a person contacting Dialog N, saving personal data (such as name, e-mail address, respectively contact details) is necessary. The use of personal data (name, contact details, etc.) takes place in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and in accordance to Swiss data protection regulations. Dialog N ensures that no personal data will be used for other means than those mutually agreed upon (respectively for means we did not collect a users reassurance). No data at all is passed on to third parties. Yet we want to highlight the fact that Internet-based data transfer generally does not guarantee consistent security so there cannot be a warranty for complete protection.

Implementation of cookies

With every call up, our URL collects general data and information. These are saved to the log files on our server. What can be collected are (1) the browser and its version used to access our URL, (2) the operation system of the accessing device, (3) the URL which led the accessing device to our URL, (4) the individual pages the accessing device is visiting on our URL, (5) date and time of a call up of our URL, (6) the IP address, (7) the internet service provider of the accessing device, and (8) further similar data and information, which serve as proactive defense in case of a possible assault on our IT system. This data will not be processed or saved actively but will be deleted from our server after a certain period of time.

Our URL uses cookies. These aim at designing our online appearance more user friendly. Cookies are implemented in systems, which call up our URL, and are saved in the browser that very system uses.

Usually, cookies remain saved on the device until they are actively deleted. These cookies allow us to recognize your browser at its next visit. The treatment of cookies depends on your browsers settings (e.g. the placement of cookies can be subject to notification, cookies can be granted for singular cases only, for certain cases, accepting cookies can be generally disabled, and the automatic deleting of cookies at the end of your browser session can be admitted. Deactivating cookies may result in a limited functionality of our URL (e.g. delay at page build up).

In case of questions and concerns or if you would prefer to know to which extent and for what reason we collect personal data, please get in touch (link: contact).

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